Date of Birth: 30 December 1982
Education: PhD
Research Title : Research Assistant, PhD

Research interests


  • When sovereignty becomes fiction: rereading Agambenʼs State of Exception in the light of current “illegal mass migrations” in the Balkan region. Paper presented at workshop States of Exceptions I - The politics of sacrifice: martyrs and migrants, University of Manchester (United Kingdom), 11 December 2015.
  • Kriza: od cikličnosti k nepovratnosti [Crisis: cyclic of irreversible phenomena?]. Lecture given at the colloquium Kriza in njen konec [Crisis and its End], organized by Institute of Philosophy ZRC SAZU, Bookstore Azil and Society for Theoretical Psychoanalysis, Ljubljana, 24 November 2014.
  • Perversion in Giorgio Agambenʼs biopolitical theory. Lecture given at the international conference Italian Biopolitical Theory: Immanence and Subjectivity, organized by Institute of Philosophy ZRC SAZU and University of Kent, Atrium ZRC, Ljubljana, 25 May 2013.
  • Biopolitics between alive and undead: on the limits of Roberto Esposito’s affirmative biopolitics.  Paper presented at international conference Matter, life and resistance, Centre for Critical Thought, University of Kent, Canterbury (United Kingdom), 1 July 2013.
  • Biopolitics between alive and undead: some remarks on Roberto Esposito's biophilosophy. Invited lecture at Italian Studies Research Seminar, School of European Culture and Languages, University of Kent, Cantebury (United Kingdom), 27 November 2012.
  • Panic as a social link. Paper presented at the conference Don’t Panic! The Apocalypse in Theory and Culture, University of Kent, Canterbury (United Kingdom), 26 May 2012.
  • Marx's Theory of Crisis. Lecture at Workers and Punks University's Summer School 2010 (Peace institute), Ljubljana, 28 April-2 May 2010.
  • Law and Ontological Indifference of Universality in Alain Badiou. Lecture at colloquium Badiou's Passages, Institute of Philosophy of the SRC SASA, Ljubljana, 11.-12. February 2010.
Selected publications
  • NEDOH, Boštjan, ZEVNIK, Andreja (2017). Introduction: on a disjunctive synthesis between Lacan and Deleuze. In: NEDOH, Boštjan (ed.), ZEVNIK, Andreja (ed.). Lacan and Deleuze: a disjunctive synthesis. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, pp. 1-12.
  • NEDOH, Boštjan (2017). Does the body without organs have any sex at all? Lacan and Deleuze on perversion and sexual difference. In: NEDOH, Boštjan (ed.), ZEVNIK, Andreja (ed.). Lacan and Deleuze: a disjunctive synthesis. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, pp. 44-55.
  • NEDOH, Boštjan (2017). Biopolitics before Foucault: on Benjamin’s critique of bare life and Agamben’s theological genealogy of the ‘apparatusʼ. In: PROZOROV, Sergei (ed.), RENTEA, Simona (ed.). The Routledge handbook of biopolitics, (Routledge handbooks). London; New York: Routledge, 2017, pp. 66-77.
  • NEDOH, Boštjan (2016). Rezilna žica: novo poglavje v politični zgodovini bodeče žice. In: RAZAC, Olivier. Politična zgodovina bodeče žice, (Zbirka Mediakcije, knj. št. 15). Ljubljana: Maska, pp. 161-181.
  • NEDOH, Boštjan (2016). Kriza in izredno stanje. Filozofski vestnik, vol. 37, issue 3, pp. 127-140.
  • NEDOH, Boštjan (2016). Alive or undead? Biopolitics between Espositoʼs vitalism and Lacanian psychoanalysis. Paragraph, vol. 39, issue 1, pp. 65-81., doi: 10.3366/para.2016.0184.
  • NEDOH, Boštjan (2016). Politična psiho-pato-ekonomija narcizma: od človeškega kapitala do družbene agresivnosti. Časopis za kritiko znanosti, vol. 44, issue 266, pp. 131-144.
  • NEDOH, Boštjan (2016). Nadjaz: med prepovedjo in imperativom užitka. Problemi, vol. 54, issue 3/4, pp. 187-203.
  • NEDOH, Boštjan (2015). Messianism between religion and post-religion: on Giorgio Agamben’s “new politics”. Journal for cultural research, vol. 19, issue 4, pp. 337-351., doi: 10.1080/14797585.2015.1033842
  • NEDOH, Boštjan (2015). Zakaj so ženske bolj tesnobne od moških. Problemi, vol. 53, issue 5/6, pp. 57-76.
  • NEDOH, Boštjan (2012). Krivica brez žrtev kot politična razsežnost aisthesis pri Jacquesu Rancièru. Filozofski vestnik, vol. 33, issue 1, pp. 119-131.
  • NEDOH, Boštjan (2011). Kafka’s land surveyor K.: Agamben’s anti-Muselmann. Angelaki, vol. 16, issue 3, pp. 149-161.
  • NEDOH, Boštjan (2010). Sekvenca, hipoteza, zgodovina: Ideja komunizma v luči singularne univerzalnosti procesa resnice. Filozofski vestnik, vol. 31, issue 3, pp. 177-189.
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Conditions and Problems of Contemporary Philosophy II (research program • 1 January 200931 December 2014)