The Philosophy of Crisis: Economy - Politics - Ecology

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The project proposal seeks to achieve two main goals: 1) to undertake systematic theoretical research of the current crisis and 2) analyse the concept of crisis. The studies are mutually complementary. The theoretical examination of the crisis rests on the premise that the current crisis must be addressed by considering the internal links between all of its three aspects: economic, political and ecological. We claim that there is a complex network of causes governing all three aspects of the crisis which requires the implementation of an interdisciplinary approach in which philosophy plays a prominent role. Concept analysis relies on the rich tradition of philosophical investigation of crisis within the field and other social structures (science, politics, law), while discovering an almost scandalous fact that despite the exceptional proliferation of the term, philosophy has still not developed a concept of crisis befitting the current situation, leaving the term open to spontaneous understanding. Therefore, the project aims to develop an accurate conceptual system that will enable the current crisis to be addressed in more accurate terms.


Project type
fundamental research project

political philosophy

Research areas
Sistematična filozofija, etika, estetika, metafizika, epistemologija, ideologija H120