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Law and the Brain – Criminological, Philosophical and Psychoanalytic Findings on the Subject in the Era of Neuroscience
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1 July 2011–30 June 2014

At the beginning of the 21st century we have witnessed the rapid development biological sciences including the areas dealing with the mechanisms of brain function. One of the basic presumptions of the modern interpretation of the society and of the state is the autonomous, free individual who carries complete responsibility for his actions. The domain of the autonomous decision-making subject as the central category of humanities can be reached through empirical research of the brain function. Our research is intended to show that the progress made in the field of brain research does not threaten this domain of freedom, otherwise of vital importance in understanding the society, morals, the law and political structures on which the modern state is based.  In the research we will also attempt to outline the normative ethical framework that should be respected when considering the application of such research, in order to maintain the highest standards of human rights and dignity.

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